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First Blog Post!

by Dan Robertson on 03/30/15

First I would like to welcome everyone to the RettSchool Blog Page! On this blog we will be answering questions about anything Real Estate! From Real Estate Education to questions about the School and Courses! We will also be posting once a month about the latest classes and news about the School! Hope you enjoy our blog page and we look forward to hearing from you.

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1. Kelly said on 3/30/15 - 02:09PM
When can I start classes to get my Real Estate License? Can I take them in any order?
2. Dan Robertson said on 3/30/15 - 02:20PM
@Kelly you can start classes in Plano on April 4 8:00 am in Grapevine April 6 8:00 am. Yes the classes can be taken in any order.
3. Jeannie said on 4/1/15 - 02:13PM
I took your property management class and it was so helpful. Having your property managers speak about their real life experiences was great. I encourage anyone in the property management business to spend some time in your classroom.

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