Real Estate Training and Technology
 Licensing School
"Learn to 
Excel in Real Estate"


. Why Real Estate Investing is Smart!

. Why we need additional monthly income!

. Why invest in Real Estate now rather than later in life!

. Why the statement "I don't have the money now to invest" IS NOT TRUE!

. Why and how we can use part of our COMMISSIONS, 401K, IRA and
                   OPM'S (OTHER PEOPLES MONEY) to fund our Rea! Estate Investments!

 .Why you should learn what the GURU's DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

The NUTS AND BOLTS (How to Connecting the Dots)....

 . Understand the difference between Financial Riches and Financial Wealth

 . Understand how to THINK AND ACT, like an investor

 . Understand the importance of improving your FINANCIAL - IQ

 . Understand how to become an investor and BUILD WEALTH

.  Understand the 10 PRIMARY REASONS for investing in real estate

.  Understand how to recognize a great investment opportunity

.  Understand what appropriate actions to take and when to take action

.  Understand SOURCES OF MONEY to fund investment deals 401K, IRA, ETC.

.  Understand how to get the most from your TIME AND EFFORT

.  Understand how to MAXIMIZE your results

.  Understand the real meaning of PASSIVE INVESTMENTS from the GURU"s
        Day 1 8:00 - 12:30
Texas Real Estate Licensing School
Continuing Education  TREC # 0593
Growing Wealth through Real Estate
"Learn what the experts won't tell you               about Real Estate Investing"